Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Needful Things...

There are just some things that only a girlfriend can do very well.


A certain touch...


A certain taste...

A way of knowing...

See the full set on my flickr!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tasty Tuesday again......

I missed Friday unfortunately but to make up for it I am doing an extra special gallery today....lots of hot sexy pictures to make you drool or drip.....;). The choice was not easy and so many more pictures I wanted to add but keep your eyes open for more Galleries.....

First we have Mels rocking us with Rocking Mel

 Rocking Mel

 Next we have Kirsten with Grey Morning

Grey Morning

Next we have a bit of raunchy fun with Kei and Kat

 Kei & Kat (8.21.13)

here we have a lovely picture by Rose Sketching called Rainstorm


 Next Suff gives G a special gift in Moonlight seduction

 Moonlight Seduction 16

 Then we get caught in a love triangle taken by Be


and a little seduction by Luoise Silverweb


 then we have Starr Raine Showing off her amazing boots

 Showing Off My Amazing Boots

 and a little Moonlight by Kes Myas


 and I just had to add this one....stuck no matter what By Mels

 stuck no matter what

 hope you enjoyed
<3 Zaria


It gets your clothes wet, it brings many people down, it makes many think of sleep, and many athletes play in it. We proverts should not be denied the pleasure of enjoying rain...So. Let's All have SEX when its raining next...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

G and Suffy

Another one of my favorite men in the porn industry, and the one that has put up with my crazy ass the longest:)  This was my special treat for him in celebration of the 3 years we have known one another:)

The whole set can be viewed HERE.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tasty Tuesday Gallery.....

yes yes I know it is Wednesday and I am late.....It has been a very busy week and the time just flew by way too quickly....

Today I have another awesome gallery for you with lots of eye candy for you...keep those fantastic pictures coming....

First up we have Hunter Rose (taken by Huni (hoochiehottie))

Hunter Rose Nude by Huni (hoochiehottie)

Jaw dropping! by Jinx Jierson and feat. Serenity Juneberry

Jaw Dropping!

Light Mel (SweetMels)

 light mel 3_001

Maquerade - Part 1....staring Keeley and taken by Realin

Masquerade - Part 1

Jinx by Louise Silverweb


Would you Dance.... by Elorac Paule

 Would You Dance ...

 and Evinea Beach by Trysten to finish off

Evinae Beach.

See all you sexies again in a couple of days, licks and humps...Zaria

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little photo: "Might be raining later…"

"… better put on a raincoat and a hat."
Shot at Paradise Lost Remade, thanks to Kirsten for sending us the LM! Didn't even need the build rights, but it's nice to have them anyway. *giggles*

Friday, August 16, 2013

Freaky Friday Gallery......

It's Friday and time to get ready for the weekend with some great new pictures to perve at. Today's gallery has lots of hot bodies and plenty of eye catching sexiness, so go get the tissues and lotion and get ready for some wonderful views..........


Beach by Chandi

Violently Happy

Violently Happy by Eli Wallice

Touch Myself

I touch myself by Kes Myas...maybe she been looking at the blog..

Jinx Aug 11 009 ~PS~

Suff and Jinx (taken by Suff)...getting some fresh air

Booty Call

 Booty Call by Kirsten BB I could I mean look at that all day

Hotties Airline 09

 Hotties Airline 09, with Hunter Rose, Spirit and Keeley (taken by Keeley)...wonder where that flight is going...

Bad Girl Maria

and last but not least...... Bad girls Maria and Be (taken by Be)

Thanks again and come back Tuesday for next exciting installment with Freaky Friday Galley....

Zaria xoxo

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jinx and Suffy

Okay, so I have been on here since the beginning (Official original provert..  woot woot!, and I haven't added any pics.  I did a LOAD of pics of several of my favorite people in all of SL recently, and I am pretty proud of them;)
First set was with Jinx Jiersen, which I will show here.  He's a longtime pornstar, and one of the best photographers I know.  I am really happy he let me toss him about a bit;)

HunterRose & Rosa in the Mayan Jungle

Hunter and I did this shoot at the Mayan jungle sim located at Dirty Rythms!  It's an awesome location!

Thank you Hunter for the fun shoot!

To see the full set, check out my flickr!




Here is one I had in mind since quite long, some heavy editing for once, I hope it's worth it. *giggles* My friend Jibberd was nice enough to be my guinea pig on this one; first time I'm doing anything with an all-mesh av, and I must say I'm impressed! The only problem seems to be to find clothes for these, which is fortunately not a big problem for my friend. *grins*
Taken at my home, so no, you can't shoot there. *giggles*

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tasty Tuesday Gallery.....

Ok well it is time again for another Gallery and today I have some awesome pictures for you and lots to perve at. It has been a busy few days in the fickr group and you all make it so hard to choose just a few.

I hope you all enjoy todays selection and come back for more in the next Freaky Friday Gallery....

They watch by Molly Bloom...just a few friends to keep her company

They Watch

 Three's company by Kes myas....he is one lucky man

Three's Company(1)

Stripped Bare by Corey Segall

Stripped Bare

 concurso2 by Studio 22


 The Toy4 by Korri Peterman

 The Toy4

 Replicant by Kirsten "BB" Smith....couldn't ignore this one.


and to finish off.... Blurred lines by Keely Mistwood

Blurred lines..

 I hope you enjoy the pictures and if your picture is not here then come look at the next Gallery and I may have added yours there........Thank you Zaria