Monday, November 4, 2013

The Demon King

Over the weekend, I went to explore the Mayan Ruins.  Camera in hand I climbed the 300 steps to the temple ruins.  Inside the temple was dark and cold.  After snapping some pictures, I decided to rest for a bit.  I sat down and fell asleep.  The next thing I know, I awoke to the sounds of flapping wings.  Startled, I realized I had slept for hours and it was now deep into the night.  I peeked out the doorway to see the Demon King.

I was terrified at the sight of his size and stature.  Trembling in the shadows of the temple, I decided to remain hidden and wait it out.  Praying quietly that he would not find me. 

Listening quietly, I hear the Demon King calling out to the Father of Darkness to send his minions.  Suddenly, the night sky is filled with the sound of hundreds of flapping wings ascending on the temple.

He calls upon the minions to bring forth a sacrifice for him to feed upon.  Trembling, I curl up in ball trying to make myself small and unseen.  He waits.

Hiding in the darkness of the temple, I realize that the shadows in the room are moving.  Unseen hands grab me and lift me into the air.  Struggling and screaming, I have no power to free myself.  The Demon King stands looking at me with an icy stare.  He nods to the dark shadows and in a deep thundering voice says, "well done."  He motions for them to tie me to the post nearby.  Begging and pleading for my life, the shadows move me to the post and tie my hands to the rope above.  Before leaving, they tear off my top and panties exposing me to the cold night air. 

The Demon King comes and sits in front of me with the same icy stare he watches me struggle against the bonds holding me.  His stare moving up and down my half naked body shows no sign of his intentions as I plead for my life.  Slowly, he stands and strides to me on the post.  He grabs my hair and spins me around to face the post.

Jerking my head back, he places his lips on mine and begins to suck the life force from body.  As I grow weaker, I can feel him growing stronger.  Pulling my hair back harder, he feeds on my soul taking it from me until I am about to die.  I whisper with my last breath, "Please have mercy on me and let me live."  Suddenly, he kisses me roughly biting my lips before releasing me.  In his thundering voice he replies, "You have another purpose here."

Roughly he grabs my hips and mounts me from behind shoving his thick cock into my tightness with one swift movement.  I cry out from the pain as I am stretched and torn from his girth.  Lustfully, he takes me for his pleasure using my body over and over.

He continues through the night.  Thrusting and pounding my tight pussy for hours.  The power and  stamina of this Demon brought me to multiple orgasms over and over.  My screams of fright turn to moans and screams of delight.  Together, we reached new heights of orgasms that I have never felt before.  The fear and control turns to mutual passion and lust.

Continuing through the night he mounts me one last time, his thick cock thrust into my tight ass.  He continues to pound me his cock swelling inside me.  I feel his cock begin to jerk and spasm inside me.  Clenching my muscles around him, I milk his throbbing cock until he explodes filling me with hot demon seed.

After unloading his hot seed inside me, he places me on my knees and forces his dripping, used cock into my mouth.  Hungrily, I lick and suck him clean making him cum in my mouth.  He jerks away from me not able to take anymore.  He looks down at me and smiles softly.  Gently, he kneels behind me taking me in his arms.  He holds me gently kissing me softly over and over.  Quietly, he declares, "You are now mine."

The Demon King, Lestat Draconia
The Mayan Temple Ruins, Dirty Rythms, owned by Richh Devin