Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello ya'll!....when Wendy sent out a request in group for a photographer,i tried to get serious,and answered her.After a few minutes I was able to convince her that I was a photographer,i dragged her to the beach and took some shots of her,later I asked her some in depth questions so you can have more than her curves to stare at. I hope you enjoy the photos and her answers.


 Hi Wendy and welcome to United Proverts of SL! so....tell me,What drew you to the world of SL porn and modeling?

A: I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist I guess. I just kind of fell into it. I wanted to do a porn film, just to try it and was put onto a group of people, photographers, directors and the like but never actually got any work done, so this was my first professional set. It was so exciting, being all nakey in public having pics snapped to be posted all over the place.. FUN!
 OK! enough of these boring questions....if you had a choice of superpowers,what would it be?

A: The power of ANIMATION! I'm so often stood in crowed Rp sims and no one says a thing, they are either AFK or just stood staring. If i could have one power it would be to clap my hands and have these people come to life and, at the very least, talk.
 Interesting,i would've chosen invisibility,anyway....when its allowed,do you fly in SL or run to a good MM board?

A: pffft alt left click... why run or fly when your camera can do all the work?
 damn it,i never thought of that, you take photos of your photographer?

A: Wouldnt that be distracting? I may just have to do that one day *giggle*
Making a mental note,do NOT distract the photographer.... if you can reincarnate as an animal,what would it be?

A: A faun?... that's a kind of animal right? I have a little faun avy and she's sooo cute.
Ok,faun avi,need to find one you like furries?
A: I think Furries get a bad rap, although a lot of them bring it on themselves with their "We're miss understood" attitude and their wildly ludicrous looking avys but I do have a few good furry friends and, I'm sure they wouldnt want me to say this out loud, but they are really nice people and a lot of fun to play with.
Looks at her stuffed bear next to her and you find nekos annoying?

A: umm.. people with cat ears and tails? not particularly, they keep the mice population down right?
I suppose so,but what if those mice are furries?, you own or rent?

A: I rent, a lovely little beach plot on a private sim where I can get up to all sorts of mischief.
do you think smilers are annoying?

A: I dont use one personally, I did, until I saw how it distorted my face horribly. Ever tried smiling with your mouth full? It does NOT look like that!
Last time my mouth was full,it was so stretched...never you find prim pussies to be funny looking?

A: *lifts up her skirt* you tell me? It took me a while to match the colour but I found someone who does some great texture work and they matched, not only the colour of my skin but the texture too now I really love my little prim petals.

goes back to the other pics she stashed away and takes a closer long does it take you to color match your mesh feet?

A: Oh wow, using photoshop to get the exact colour and then tweeking.. hours! Although I bought a new pair of N-cores the other day, 2 clicks and the colour was spot on! I must be getting good.

2 clicks!?!?!...mumbles "bitch" under her breath.....while having SL sex,do you like having a cock go right through your body,and you think that would feel good or not?

A: Is Sl coming out with animated belly buldges soon? Seriously tho.. Nope, that's just wrong. Once a dick is inside me, that's where it should stay until there's a happy ending, no peeking out my spine.

Thinks about the dick that's always IMing her....if you meet a Linden,what would you ask or do to him/her?

A: I have a crush on Tory Linden. If I ever met him, Id screw his little watermelon coloured brain out. I'd show him there's more to SL than 'tips n tricks'

I remember this guy with a watermelon colored cock,i fucked him eventualy....if you found out SL can be used for something other than sex,would you still log in?

A: There would still be sex right?

I like this girl....would you show all your friends this naked spread of yourself?

A: I think my friends often see me in a state of undress and I already have! hehe.

I REALLY like this girl!

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  1. hehe that was a really fun day, i think my thighs were wetter than the beach by the end of it! You done a fantastic job with the pics and I really enjoyed answering those questions. Always happy to work with you again.