Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tasty Tuesday Gallery.....

Ok well it is time again for another Gallery and today I have some awesome pictures for you and lots to perve at. It has been a busy few days in the fickr group and you all make it so hard to choose just a few.

I hope you all enjoy todays selection and come back for more in the next Freaky Friday Gallery....

They watch by Molly Bloom...just a few friends to keep her company

They Watch

 Three's company by Kes myas....he is one lucky man

Three's Company(1)

Stripped Bare by Corey Segall

Stripped Bare

 concurso2 by Studio 22


 The Toy4 by Korri Peterman

 The Toy4

 Replicant by Kirsten "BB" Smith....couldn't ignore this one.


and to finish off.... Blurred lines by Keely Mistwood

Blurred lines..

 I hope you enjoy the pictures and if your picture is not here then come look at the next Gallery and I may have added yours there........Thank you Zaria

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