Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet Scent of a Rose: Introducing Andrian Sands First Shoot!

I met Andrian Sands while I was hosting at Dirty Rythms a few weeks ago.  He has been a very active participant in our events lately and drew my attention more than once.  I've also seen him at a couple of the Pornstars parties recently having a very good time from the looks of things.

The other night after our set, I looked across the floor and other than seeing two other couples enjoying each other, I saw that only Adrian and myself were left.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, I dropped a coy little hint that I wouldn't mind spending some time with him.  Like most men, that hint went completely over his head!!  So then I decided to get serious!  I pulled out the Glock from my thigh holster, which happened to be the only thing I was left wearing besides my boots!  I basically pointed the gun at him and said, "Do you want for fuck or not?"  See the results of my more direct approach here:

 I found Andrian to be very romantic and attentive to my particular needs!

I was surprised when he revealed that he had a secret crush on me for some time now.  The interest was very mutual.

This is Andrian's very first shoot since his initial interview with

 SL Porn Rep, Zoey!  

I am sure we will see more of Mr. Sands in the future!  Be sure to let him know what a spectacular job he did with this one!

To see the complete set check my Flickr!

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